Google Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping are two very powerful tools to drive visitors to your e-commerce store. Product Listing Ads appear in searches and on, showing millions of users exactly what you have for sale before they reach your site. This makes users more likely to click on an ad for your product. As a result, Google Products Listing Ads drive higher quality traffic and lead to increased ROI.

To get started with Google Shopping, you need to import all your products into Google Merchant Center- a tool used to manage product listings in Google Shopping searches and update product data from an online dashboard.

ShoppingFeeder lets you quickly and easily create a data feed for Google Merchant Center, in only a few clicks and without any technical knowledge. With ShoppingFeeder, your products are automatically updated every few hours with the latest pricing and product information, so there is no need to manually update your product data each time you modify the price of a product.

We have created a step-by-step guide to show you how to get all your products into Google Merchant Center using ShoppingFeeder.

Before you can get started with this guide you need to:

Watch the video below :

1. Add new feed
Log into your merchant center, then head to Products > Feeds. Click on the blue + icon to Add a new feed. In the below example, you’ll see that we already have feeds for Google AE, GB and ZA.
2. Fill in basic info
Select the country you wish to sell your products in from the Target Country drop down- for this example let’s choose Nigeria. Each country has its own feed requirements, so make sure that the target country matches the location of the feed you have subscribed to in ShoppingFeeder. Make sure you tick the box next to Shopping Ads. Then click Continue. 

3. Set Input Method

Set the name of Feed. The Feed name is used as a purely descriptive feature to help you easily identify what products are contained in the XML data feed.

Set the input method for your product data to “Scheduled fetches” to ensure your products will be updated regularly, then click Continue. 

ShoppingFeeder retrieves new product data from your e-commerce store every 8 hours and formats the data correctly for the wide variety of channels that we support. In the case of Google Merchant Center, ShoppingFeeder creates the XML data feed for the specifications outlined by Google.

Google Merchant Center will retrieve the latest product data from the ShoppingFeeder servers based on the upload frequency set in the next step.

4. Set feed URL

Before you Create your feed, you’ll need to copy the feed URL from the subscribed channel in ShoppingFeeder. Log into your ShoppingFeeder dashboard, then head to Feed Management Channel Management. Next to the subscribed channel, click on the link icon.

Copy the URL that appears in the pop-up box.

Now head back to Merchant Center, and paste the URL under ‘File URL’. Then click Create Feed. 

5. Fetch feed

Once you’ve clicked Create Feed, you’ll be taken back to view all your primary feeds, including Google NG which we’ve just created. Click on the feed.

Merchant Center will say, ‘No feed ready yet’. Click the Fetch Now button to process the feed. This may take a few minutes.

You’ve created your feed!


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