Offers in ShoppingFeeder are created slightly differently depending on the product type defined in Magento. The pricing of an offer is dependent on the type of product that is defined in Magento.

This article explains how ShoppingFeeder creates an offer from each Magento Product Type.

ShoppingFeeder will only create offers from products that have their status set to “enabled” and their visibility is set to Catalog and/or Search. A Product that is set to “Not Visible Individually” will not be imported into ShoppingFeeder.

Simple Products

A Simple Product is the most common product type in Magento. Simple products can either be sold individually or used to create grouped, configurable or bundled products. In the case of a standalone Simple Product ShoppingFeeder will create offers on a one to one basis. The price of the offer in ShoppingFeeder will be equal to the price including tax of the simple product in Magento.

Configurable Products

Configurable Products are created from multiple simple products in Magento. Configurable products appear to users as a single product with variants. For example, a user will see a product page for a T-shirt that is available in Red, Green and Blue. In the Magento Admin, each of the “colour variants” is a simple product and the T-shirt product page that the user sees is a Configurable Product. ShoppingFeeder will loop through each of the “variants” in the configurable product and create an offer for each one with the price of the respective simple product being used to populate the price of the respective offer.

Bundle Products

A Bundle Product enables users to customise or “build their own” product by selecting from various options on the product page. Bundled Products are typically used in the case of allowing a customer to choose various components for a computer. Like a Configurable Product in Magento, Bundle Products are composed of Simple Products. ShoppingFeeder will only create a single offer from a bundled product and the offer price will be set to the cheapest possible combinations of products.