PrestaShop is yet another e-commerce platform with the necessary tools to build and manage an online store.
Installing ShoppingFeeder Plugin on PrestaShop
  1. Download the ShoppingFeeder add-on from the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace
  2. Log in to your PrestaShop admin site
  3. Click Modules and Services -> Modules and Services.
  4. Click Add new module.
  5. Browse to the ShoppingFeeder add-on zip file you downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Click Upload this module and wait for the upload to complete.
  7. Search for the ShoppingFeeder Module in Module and Services
  8. Click Install
  9. Configure ShoppingFeeder API Key and API Secret that you would have received in setup.
Connecting ShoppingFeeder to Your PrestaShop Store
  1. Create a ShoppingFeeder Account
  2. Log in to ShoppingFeeder and begin setup wizard


Step 1: Enter your store’s URL. Set the primary currency and language of your store and select PrestaShop as your platform



  1. Step 2: Complete the details under Additional Info.
    • Enable variants creates separate offers for each product in your store that has variant. Example: If a Shirt is available in Red and Blue, ShoppingFeeder will create a Red Shirt offer and a Blue Shirt Offer
    • Rename variants:  By default ShoppingFeeder will append the variants onto the title of your products. This allows for the creation of unique product title. You can disable this by untick the check box.  




  1. Step 3: Setup the connection to your Store
    1. Copy and Paste the API Key and API Secret into the respective fields in the ShoppingFeeder Module in PrestaShop
  2. Step 4: Test that your plugin is installed correctly.
  3. Step 5: Set your Store’s localization options