Google Shopping has specific requirements for products that are sold in Apparel & Accessories, Clothing and Shoes categories. In order to successfully list these products on Google Shopping or Google Product Listing Ads you are required to provide extra product information. These Detailed Product Attribute helps Google more accurately display your products in searches and leads to increased visibility of your products.

ShoppingFeeder simplifies this process and helps ensure that your store is providing the correct data through the Map Attributes feature.

Listing Apparel & Accessories

The attributes color, age group and gender are required by Google Shopping in Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States when listing products in the Apparel & Accessories Cateogry.

Once you’ve mapped your categories to Apparel & Accessories you will need to Map the Attributes within the Apparel & Accessories Section.

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Use the drop-down list to select the data field in your e-commerce store that relates to the field that is required.
If you do not have the required values in your e-commerce store you can use the override function to fill in the same value for all offers.

Pro TipShoppingFeeder has a number of merchants who use this feature. One example is that of a Men’s Clothing store who does not have a gender attribute in their e-commerce platform, since all their products are for a single gender. They are using override value to set gender equal male, ensuring that Google Shopping is provided with the correct attributes.
Listing Clothing or Shoes

Google Shopping also requires that you define attributes if you sell shoes or clothing.
First, begin by making sure that the Shoe category in your store is mapped to Apparel & Accessories > Shoes and the Clothing Category is mapped to Apparel & Accessories > Clothing. In both of these categories, Google Shopping requires that Size and Colour information is submitted with the feed. To ensure this happens and your feed is successfully processed use the Clothing and Shoes sections of Map Attributes to create a relationship between the data in your store and the requirements for a Google Shopping data feed.