In order for ShoppingFeeder to view your feed and ads, you’ll need to connect to your Google Merchant Center and Google Ad accounts. You can do this simply through the ShoppingFeeder dashboard.

Log into ShoppingFeeder, then click Manage Channels Manage Google.


If you already have a merchant center, you can easily connect through the dashboard by clicking Yes. If not, you’ll need to create one here>>>

If you clicked Yes, you’ll be taken to sign-in page. Once you’re logged in, Google will request permission. Click Allow so ShoppingFeeder has access to your Merchant Center account.


From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate account, then click Add. 

Once your merchant center account is connected, select Click Here to Set Up Google Ads. 

Google will ask you to sign in and assign permission again, so click Allow. You can select the right ad account from a drop-down menu again and then click Add. 

And now your Ad account and Merchant Center account are linked!